My Story
Dedicated to helping individuals achieve their goals
Where I come from, love for gym, and my goal.

My name is Rabel Yonan, and I am a body transformation specialist.
Born and raised in Iraq, where I earned my engineering degree, but ended up leaving the country to immigrate to Australia, where I am currently based.
As a teenager, my life transformed the minute I entered the gym and laid my hands on the barbell for the first time.

From that moment I dedicated my life to learning more and more about techniques and methods that provided the best results in the gym.

At age 21, my passion for the science of physical training reached a point where it started to attract offers from different gyms, and that’s where I discovered my ability to help others achieve their physical goals.

By 24, I had worked with multiple gyms, where I managed to work with thousands of individuals looking to transform their lives through fitness!
My passion and discipline for building a stronger, healthier body and mind has pushed me to achieve every goal that I set for myself, from becoming an engineer, to engineering a fit body.

And now, using RY Strength, I aim to educate and motivate people across the globe to find their true strength and build the body of their dreams.

Personal Trainer in Melbourne